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  • Retrobeat (Buckhead)

    Audio Production Camp (5 Days) Ages 5-17 Same Instructors S
    Valid for one month
    • 2 Hr Of Audio Production On Apple i Mac (Tech On Staff)
    • Piano Class Included Learn Piano and Create Music Same Time
    • Access To Top Software Logic,Ableton, Live,Pro Tools, & More
    • 50%Off Recording Services 25$Hr Recording Instead Of 50$hr
    • (Self Learning Station)Groove 3 MasterClass,Lydia All Acsess
    • One Time Only 50$ Evaluation Fee (Terms Apply)
    • Students Get MP3's Of Their Music They Create
  • Recording Session

    Singers Mc's Poets, Artist Ministers, With (Engineer)
    Valid for one month
    • Includes 2hr Vocal Recording For One Only( Extra Rate)Groups
    • Include 5min Minute Warmup On Piano Vocalist Can Be Prepared
    • Includes Water Coffee Tea Soda Refreshments
    • 50$ Admin Fee One Time Only Registration (Terms Apply)
    • 50%Off Additional Hours Recording In Session 25$hr After 1hr
    • Registered User 15% Off Rental Recorded Services
  • Songwriting Buckhead

    Songwriting Camp Ages 5-17 Same Instructors SAE SCAD GSU
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Hour College Level Class (No Experience Necessary)
    • Learn Song Structure & How to Compose In Different Genres
    • Learn Drums Piano & Guitar Scales & Chord Progressions
    • Learn Basics Of Reading Rhytyhm & Reading Sheet Music
    • Learn Basic In Form Guitar Scales and Chords
    • 10 Minute Break With Complimentary Refreshments
    • 10% Discount For RetroBeat Community
  • Engineering

    Certification In Engineering Audio Production
    Valid for one month
    • Introduce Students To Common Business Practices
    • Students Explore subjects in Accounting& Business Planning
    • Students Explore Publishing & Copyright Laws
    • Students Explore Contract & Royalties Laws in industry
    • Students learn formation of business and credit-building