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Christian Publishing Audiobook & Booktrack 


Are you tired of waiting to be discovered Been working on a book and in need of a publisher? Have you submitted your manuscript to dozens of publishing companies only to be left discouraged ? RetroPsalm could be the awnser to your prayers. RetroPsalm LLC is the only to publish edit print book record audio books in different launages also write produce and engineer music for your book BookTrack (Soundtrack for Book) which can consist of either composed music with singers or backing tracks for audiobooks. RetroPsalm even provides packages for customers to have a book signing at event space located in its facility.

Our Expert Staff focuses on the following Self Publishing Packages 



Book Editing                                                        

Book Cover Design 

Printing Packages 

Audio Book Recording 

MIxing & Mastering  

Audio Book (Languages)

Marketing Services 

Session Gospel Singers  (Booktrack)

Songwriting & Productions 

Musicians (Booktrack) (Packages)

Press Releases  (Packages )

Writing Translation Packages

Blog Writing 

Children Books Illustration

ISBN Number & Registration 





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