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Songwriting & Lyricism (12 Weeks)

Students will learn the basic techniques in songwriting in different genres Hip Hop Jazz R&B Popular Music & well as learn techniques from different periods in music. As well as studying poets and literature from Ancient Greece to Modern and how it affected popular music The beginning of each class each student will read aloud each poem or freestyle to music to open the student up to performing in from of others.




(Music Theory /Piano/Guitar /Voice Composition 110) (12 Weeks)

Course Description

The Piano course consists of learning the keyboard basics and the styles and techniques of the top Hip Hop producers mainstream today 

The Voice Consist of learning basics in singing breathing phrasing from Western Perspective and Italian.As well as playing and singing at the same time the ability to multitask the two.


Sampling & Sound Design 110 (12 Weeks)

Course Description 

The Sampling & Sound Design course will consist of layering drums sampling from vinyl, sampling jazz blues soul as well as using samples to play within their composition as well as using the sound to create VST instruments to use and sell as well and sampling as recording their live instruments from each section brass woodwinds to strings students will actually use equipment as and have royalty free sounds from the process each student will also receive weekly free sounds and vst instruments designed by RetroPsalm weekly for their own use and rights to. The sounds will be samples from the main Keyboards Drum Machines used in Popular Music in the Last 100 years in music. 


Entertainment Business 110 (12 Weeks)

Course Description

This course introduces students to common business practices both in general and as they relate to the creative industries. Students will explore subjects including accounting, business planning and analysis, publishing, copyright, contracts, taxes, and royalties as they relate to entertainment industries. 


Vintage Records
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Atlanta Music Producers Association 

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